To many people today, smartphones have become a way of life. But are you really sure that getting one is right for you?  Maybe you are a bit scared that you will do the wrong thing, or maybe press the “wrong “ button and get a bill that is much higher than you expected? Well, let us here from Doro help you a bit, we’ll walk you through the basics and show you tutorials to get a better understanding of how to use a smartphone and what the benefits of having one are.


First of all, it might help to think that a smartphone is a small computer that you have in your pocket; it lets you fetch your emails, check up on information and also help you find your way. Computers need an operating system to power them, and at Doro we use one called Android. This is a high quality open platform from Google with whom we work very closely. Many other brands have picked Android as a platform, as it is a great system, and also provides the user access to many thousands of apps.


In order to make the most use of your smartphone, you might need to look into what kind of contract you have with your network operator - to be able to do what you want but within your own budget. When talking with your operator, it may be best to start off with a small amount of data – 0.5 GB (gigabytes) would work for checking the news, searching on Google and looking up the latest on Facebook. After a while, when you become more confident, you can always increase the amount of data you need to buy.


Some people find it a bit difficult with small icons on screen, and not “real” buttons. At Doro we have focused on that, and have kept the real buttons that you are used to, but at the same time, making a nice clear display with larger icons on the screen. We even won an award for our Doro Liberto® 820 design at Mobile World Congress in 2015.


There are many advantages to having a smartphone, and when you are thinking about buying one, the best thing is to go to your operator and see for yourself, or do some research among your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as it is important that it works well for you and your needs. Is the sound quality good? Would it work with my hearing aid device? (All Doro’s phones do) Is the menu easy to understand?


5 quick tips to get started 

1. When you use your smartphone the first time, follow all of the instructions in the set up guide, you will get the most of your phone if you do that.

2. Remember - you don’t need to give out your credit card number

3. As it is like a mini computer, the battery tends not to last as long as you might be used to – try to charge your phone every night

4. It will not break if you press the “wrong” button, just use the “home” button to get back to where you started

5.  If you push gently the power button before putting it in your pocket or purse, the screen will go blank and you won’t risk making any unwanted calls


We hope this guides you a bit, and if you would like to read more about our smartphone please click here